Couple of questions about Leverage shares

I’ve got a couple of questions about leverage shares.

Some stocks have leverage products from two companies; one called “Leverage shares…” and the other GraniteShares. Is there any appreciable difference between the two or do they adopt the same mechanics and have similar interest/finance and admin fees?

Second question: There are some leverage products that are x1 long which means that they essentially just follow the underlying stock. I assume that the only real benefit of these is where the stock is listed on a foreign exchange the x1 leverage product enables a GBP LSE traded product. Even though it is x1 (ie no gearing) are there still interest/finances charges applied or only an admin fee?

Much of the information that’s provided about the leverage products relates to the x2 and x3 products and thus may not apply to the x1 products

You need to check the product / OCF to understand the fees. They need to make money somehow for offering the product.

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