Creating portfolio with monthly income

Does anyone know web page or app where I could find companies paying dividend in particular month? At the moment I’m trying to move from one company to next one but would be much easier if I could find companies paying dividends on let’s say January choose one from probably many of such companies and move to companies paying on February and so on. Aiming to chose 1-2 companies from each month and create portfolio with maximum of 20 stocks. Any help would be appreciated.

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Are you selling the company that paid a dividend in January and buying a company with the funds before it pays a dividend in Feb?

Are you then using the dividends or reinvesting them - if reinvesting then your diluting your market exposure while you wait on the cash being paid.

I have been looking at building an income portfolio pie called sustainable future income. I’m shortlisting assets like UKW that has a 5.3% yield and pays quarterly.

Would be interesting to see your collection.

Should have use different words I think xD I’m looking for companies paying dividends in January, February, March and so on to create portfolio with monthly income choosing 1 or 2 companies for each month if that make more sense. Portfolio is supposed to last for next 24 years. I’m not expecting all of companies which I choose will last for next 20 years so every two or three years I will check if anything needs to be changed. Planning to invest lump sum at the beginning of next tax year and adding more money in every following year under ISA wrapper. All dividends gonna be of course reinvested for that 24 years and after that used to support or replace income. One more probably relevant information is that companies should be listed on LSE.

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Cool. I’m keeping an eye on UKW and TLEP, but I think once TLEP/TLEI is up and running, both pay on the same months.

I was basically thinking of a high income clean energy income portfolio hence why I thought it might be of interest long term to you.

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If its a case of quick reference something like is a quick tool to search and see payment dates etc.

In terms of recommendations my LSE div stocks BP & ULVR have same payment months I think, and Tritax Big Box has slightly different on 3 of the payments. I would say whilst I get the idea of wanting monthly payments, if you have the choice of two stocks in similar industries dont go for one based purely on dates, it might be that you miss out on a great stock that fits your other requirements in favour of a worse one just because dates line up differently.

I would love to see your final choices as always open to ideas of new stocks to look at in dividend LSE area.


simplysafedividend allows for infinite account creation with their 2 weeks free trial, and they have the nicest dividend screening out there.

I shamelessly create a new account every time i need their services 🤷

Edit: although on 2nd thought if you are looking for mostly EU/UK exposure you will find their database somewhat lacking, they mainly focus on US holdings.

Finviz has the best overall screener, but i do not think they include frequency/month of dividend payments.


Not sure how much these will help as they are both limited in their own way but I get some use from both.

The second doesn’t provide as much flexibility in terms of browsing far off or past dates. First doesn’t cover all shares. Both are relevant to the UK only.


Out of interest…

Why monthly?
Why LSE only?
Why the big focus on dividends?

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Why monthly - to suplement and in longer term to replace monthly income from work
Why LSE - to avoid fx fluctuations
Why dividends? The only way to comply with first sentence without selling whole portfolio

Very different approach to me.

I’m trying to achieve the same thing but I’m not fussed at all about currency or dividend frequency - it’s sustainable earnings and share price growth I’m interested in.

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If you just have 20 dividend-paying stocks there’s quite a high chance that you’ll get monthly payments at that point (although most likely a bit skewed towards certain months). I would not suggest making investment decisions for companies based on when they pay their dividends.

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I checked back on my LSE stocks and I didnt realise until now but they have randomly lined up so that at least one plays out each month.
BAE,BATS,EVR,GSK,UKW,HMSO,NG,PHNX,TSCO,VOD (no judgement here lol some have done better than others >.>)
Like other people have said though, its not important what the dates are, its important that you believe in some way about the companies you invest in. I.e if you wanted £1000pm and there is a good company which pays out quarterly dividends of £3000 then the average is the same its just the frequency which is different.


GSF - Gore Street Energy Storage Fund - 5.98% Yield pays Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct
UKW - Greencoat UK Wind 5.18% Yield pays Feb, May, Aug, Nov
JLEN Environmental Assets - 6.68% Yield pays Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec

Cant say I’m a fan of some of the premiums, but you could keep an eye out on their premium/discounts for an entry point.

Their performances are similar, about 9/10% total return each year.

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