Decent monthly dividend stocks in UK?


Is there any decent monthly paying dividend stocks in the U.K. at all?

Only one I can find is BMO but the yield is low.

Not sure if you only want stocks but BNY Mellon Equity Income Booster Fund is a monthly payer with a not-too-shabby yield. As with most funds, can choose income or accumulation.

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take a look at EPIC monthly paying

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Buy a group of them?


Just looked that up, it seems not to perform very well versus peers.

Any other recommendations?

Out of interest: what difference does it really make if a stock pays out £10 a month, £30 a quarter, £60 twice a year, or £120 a year?

The difference is the date :wink:


To be honest it would nice to get a decent dividend each month not every 3 months.

Think bout it you wouldn’t need to work again :joy:

How about 3 companies on a different schedule?

My monthly income pie mostly consists of MMP, ARCC and MO.

Granted i think you asked for UK specifically, but I just don’t know of many UK big payers.
Aren’t UK mostly bi-annual too, like the EU?

Why not UK REITs or a mix of stocks + Investment Trusts + REITs + ETFs?

That’s what I have but most pay quarterly, and I want a decent monthly one. I know there’s Realty Income but we get taxed 15% on every dividend in the U.K.

not sure how their dates line up but my 3 fav UK div stocks are BP ULVR and BBOX.L which all pay quarterly.

A combination of BP, Shell, BATS, Imperial, Hargreaves, RIO and Evraz should get you somewhere close decent monthly dividend - the FTSE 100 are full of dividend stock.

BATS & Imperial alone pays four quarterly…

As always dividend and it’s yield is never guaranteed, something to bear in mind :wink: