Crispr Therapeutics

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After doing alot of research i came across this company which was Crispr Therapeutics. I note there is no FDA approved gene therapy for sickle cell disease. This company has conducted promising clinical trials and put the data for the FDA approval for December 2023. I have researched the company and the clinical trial and this all looks very promising. I kindly wondered please the chances of this getting approved and if doing so will this generate a positive influence on the share price please? If anyone kindly had any thoughts on this i would be forever grateful and thankful for your support with this.

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Its a very niche market - I doubt you’ll find anyone on here who has the expertise to make an educated guess.

I would be keen to understand - who are their key investors - there are a lot of investment managers out there that have much bigger teams to do peer group analysis, review of the Washburn and understand the potential benefits (and cash return) from any breakthroughs!

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It’s a while since I did research on Crispr but it is tipped to potentially be a significant company. The sickle cell treatment is very significant or a side show depending on how you look at it. The key thing for CRSP is whether the gene editing works and proves to be a good tech. If so CRSP is forecast to become a major player but if not… The technology can potentially treat a wide range of diseases so sickle cell isn’t a critical part of the business but could be considered a critical part of proving the tech (I haven’t done research recently so that’s my assumption based on what I remember). If gene editing works for specific narrow diseases such as sickle cell the hope is that one day it could treat cancer, alzheimers… However the timescales aren’t short. I think that the expectation was that there would be no available treatment using the tech (for any disease) until 2030 or possibly slightly before.

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