Currency ETFs Request

Can Trading 212 add Currency ETFs?

(I wish to hedge my USD investments.)

For example:

WisdomTree Short USD Long EUR (USEU)

WisdomTree Short USD Long EUR 3x Daily (USE3)

WisdomTree Short USD Long EUR 5x Daily (USE5)

All in EUR-denominated and traded in BrsaItaliana (Milan).

Perhaps other users would also like other currencies, like GBP and/or other directional trades.



That’s a brilliant idea. I am also interested until they introduce multi currency accounts.

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@David; @Martin; @PeterA; @Team212 or Trading 212 in general, any news about adding these ETFs?


Any updates, @David; @Martin; @PeterA; @Team212 or Trading 212 in general?

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These would be a good addition to T212.
Hopefully you can add them soon. Thank you

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