2,800 New Stocks - Landing on Wednesday 🎁

Will MNKS and EWI be available on ISA?

@Jobloggs They will.


Thanks for the reply :ok_hand:

Hi David. Where can we find the OTC Markets Bundle that has landed today please? And the 2800 New Stocks that is landing in on Wed - Where can we find that list please?

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Please read above (about 4 replies above).
Thank you.


Good news, @David.

Any currency ETFs? Also leverage and inverse currency ETFs?

Like for example, Short USD/Long EUR to hedge USD investments or simply an investing strategy:

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@RLX Yes, all of them.


Thanks, Got it. All on Wednesday (tomorrow then).

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Great news.

Another reason why Trading 212 is a market leader in brokerage. Huge supply and diversity of investment products.


will there be a list available to see what the new stocks are?

Like already answered by the team up on this post: yes.

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OMG @David what a wonderful news.

Please Tell me that Norwegian Air Shuttle (NWARF) or (NAS.OL) is going to be available :heart_eyes:

Is Vestas on the list?

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Holy S@#T CD Projekt Red, I’ve been wanting this for ages. I getting more impressed every month with this platform. Great work guys.

Will the stocks be available from 8am?

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@Jobloggs Highly likely.


And will Vestas be on the list? @David

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Can we also buy the german company OHB SE as fractional share?

What time will these be landing? I’m so excited :stuck_out_tongue:

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