Day Trading Advice

I am interested in opening up a live CFD account on your platform in order to Day Trade mainly in Forex market however, I have a few questions which I would like to get answered. Following are the questions:

  1. What kind of broker is Trading 212? Is it classed as a Market Maker, STP or ECN?
  2. What is the minimum amount that is needed to be deposited in order to day trade on your CFD account?
  3. Is there any commission per trade or any monthly fee charged to day trade on a CFD account?
  4. What is the leverage provided for retail traders? I believe it is 1:30 but how can I access the leverage of 1:500? What are the requirements?
  1. I don’t know. I will let a team member respond
  2. No minimum amount( well technically it is needed the amount to open the trade but you don’t have a minimum limit for an account.
  3. No comission and no monthly fee( just be aware of the long/short swaps if you hold for a long period)
  4. The leverage for forex is 1:30. To be classified as a professional and unlock the high leverage you need to check at least 2 of the following
    Portofolio of at least 500 000$ or equivalent
    Work at least 1 year in the financial sector with cfd
    Average of 10 trades in each of the last 4 quarters with a significant amount