Day Trading confusion

I created an account for Trading 212 Invest and was trading some stocks over past 2-3 months and so far I’m loving the platform.

I also was trying to get more info about possibility of Day Trading over here.
I found those 2 topics asking this question:

2 days ago I was reading ToS and most of legal documents for Invest account and I saw a note where it mentioned that day trading is not allowed. It was mention that I can’t buy and sell the same stock the same day and day after that as it’s considered Day Trading and is not allowed.

Right now I’m trying to find that document over your site to reference my words to it but for some reason Im unable to find it now…
Was it removed just lately?

Also - what is the final stance for day trading?
Can I buy the same stock and sell it multiple times repeating the action over the same day and next days after that? For e.g. trying to buy each dip and selling during rising during same day while operating over the same company stock. Is that allowed over Invest Account?

Thank you in advance for your input :slight_smile:

@kiruz There are currently no day trading restrictions.

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Thanks for reply! Got one more thing to ask:

I believe in the same paragraph that I read, it was mentioned that max number of trades per month is 100 and cumulative monthly money transaction shouldn’t surpass 100k EUR.

Is this statement also wrong? I remember it was telling about specific type of client, but I can’t find the reference now :confused:

@kiruz Yes, it’s the “Target Client” section. It’s outdated & we’re going to remove it - just ignore.

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That solves all. Thank you a lot!

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Excellent news! :smiley:
Hope you will not add any other day trading limitations over time.