Debit card to utilize our free funds ? (dividends, sold stocks...)

Hello Trading212 team!

I was just wondering if you had ever taken in consideration bringing a digital/physical card from yourselves in order for your customers to utilize the free funds that they are not using? This can be a dividend repayment, a sold stock, or unused cash in general… I’m asking this because other brokers have brought that up for their softwares, and concerning you are the #1 in the UK, this wouldn’t be a bad idea… Besides, this would also be easier for people to utilize their funds as soon as possible since there won’t be a wait time of 2-3 days of withdraws-latencies…

Looking forward for your future features

Best wishes!


Hopefully something available to all EU clients, not just limited to UK only :slight_smile:


@Ivan +1 for this. That blue card looks fabulousFabulous_94ccc7_377819


Please make it avilable EU-wide, not just in UK :money_mouth_face:


Outstanding, I don’t know for how long it was there but you guys are probably going to be the biggest broker in Europe with such progress! Could you inform us when we could be beta users?

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Any information on this coming or no?

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Or Trading 212 could make their own credit card like Robinhood and offer withdrawals from our account as well as cashback on our purchases @David @Martin :eyes:


Different jurisdictions and licensing it’s unlikely.

Sure I saw a debit card mock up knocking around here though.

Well since Ivan posted it I’m sure they’re definitely interested!

Yeah I’d love to hear more information on this, what a great idea Trading212 Cash would be

any updates on trading212 cash?

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This would be awsome. I was literally thinking of this the other day after seeing an American broker doing the same thing. Please do this :blush:

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When will this be available to apply (T212 Cash account) I think this might need online banking license.

This would be awesome… :star_struck:

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Very interested in this also.

Some update about this ??

Or a partnership with AXP on a credit card where you earn fractions of shares for your transactions.

Guessing it’s in the pipeline for some point in the far future. Have this post screenshot from May ‘20


Come on T212, you can’t leave us hanging like this! We want our debit cards! :smiley:

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