Interest payments on cash?

I know you’re not a bank or savings account. But just wanted to know whether you’d ever offer any interest on cash, with the introduction of pies it made me think of the ‘savings pots’ that Monzo offer and thought would be a cool feature on 212.


They have teased a debit card not too long ago… Would expect it to be similar to the Robinhood debit card


Do you have a link to where to mentioned it?


Thanks mate, would be very cool, am gonna read up in the robinhood one to see what features we could expect

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@Dleahy98 eahy98 if you find any useful links please share them :slight_smile:.


Will do mate, if I get enough interesting info I’ll make a vid on my YT as well. Feel free to subscribe in the mean time :wink:

1 Like Nothing to exciting, seems odd that you can’t deposit cash into the debit card, and seems just a top up card to spend free runs on the brokerage account. Good feature for 212 to replicate would be the no fees when using abroad.

A wish list item would also be cashback :joy: don’t see that happening on a debit card though


One of my debit cards gives me cash back tbf, I’m sure trading 212 will do something special like they always do!

What card is that and how much do you get? I got the Amex cashback with 1 % and a Barclaycard with 0.25% as that’s the only card I could find with cashback and no fees abroad