Deposit bank transfers fees

hello i deposit 500usd yesterday for my banking account.

And today coming Money to my account 480usd .

Why this ?

Have fees trading212 for deposit bank transfer?

Check with your bank. Trading 212 takes no fee, but your bank may have done so.

No my bank send 500 usd .and fees my bank 5.65usd . So I send 505.65 usd for received trading 212 500usd .

That’s something completely related to your bank & the charges applied on their end - I just checked your case with our financial team, and the bank statement of the received sum in our account is for 480 USD. The best approach here would be to contact your bank and ask them for further details.

Ouch, my recommendation @BackToReal is to employ some of the finetechs as man in middle for cheaper transfers. Ie Revolut/Transferwise…


Yes i am speaking for this . Waiting response now thanks bro

Oh Tony this bank is new for me … have double currency . Sry for this bro

Τρίτη, 09 Ιουνίου 2020, 01:57μ.μ. +03:00 from Tony V. via Trading 212 Community

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@Vedran now it has become my crooked friend.
I now go work for transferwise