Deposit in Swiss Francs (CHF) Bank Transfer Exchange Fees


I have a Trading 212 account in Swiss Francs CHF and recently deposited CHF from my bank to Trading 212. I was assuming, that a transfer in CHF to a CHF Trading 212 Account would not lead to any exchange fees. However, from the 700 CHF that my bank sent out to Trading 212, only 686.42 CHF arrived on the account.
Could someone explain how you handle bank deposits in CHF?


Have you checked with your bank in regards to possible Fees for transfer? Similar topic below:

Hi, thanks for the quick reply! My bank charged 4 CHF for the transaction, so I paid a total of 704 CHF. I also had a look at the topic you mentioned and the issue is indeed very similar. However, I believe the issue here is related to the currency exchange. I might be wrong, but maybe someone from Trading 212 can confirm?


Maybe @Team212 will be able to help.

I have not used CHF account myself, but USD. When sending USD to USD there is no exchange required as Barclay’s bank accepts USD, should be similar for CHF, thus if you had CHF on your bank account and used CHF bank wire to CHF T212 account, there should be no exchange taking place.

Meaning lost money is about bank fees…

If indeed bank fees, I would recommend using Transferwise/Revolut to avoid costly fees :wink:

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Hi @rubengaviles ,

I’m from Switzerland too, didn’t use deposit by Bank but with my Postfinance Mastercard and no fees.

BUT be aware with your bank because I know that for exemple, BCV charged 20 CHF when my dad deposited to his Revolut acc, he never did it again :’) But I never had any tax or whatever when I did it with Postfinance.

Be careful and try to use your debit card (mastercard) if you have one.


No fees with neon’s Mastercard (prepaid labelled but is linked to bank account) either.


Yeah same. Switched from PostFinance to Neon and no fees either.

Was denkst du wie sicher ist trading 212? Bin auch aus der Schweiz und finde keine gut Alternative welche durch die finma geregelt ist… Hast du tipps?

let’s keep this in english.

reLapse’s questions:

How safe do you think trading 212 is? I’m also from Switzerland and don’t find any good alternative which is regulated by the finma [Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority] … Do you have any tips?

T212 is very save (if you disregard the missing 2FA on which they work at the moment). They are regulated by the FCA which is comparable to the Finma. further information:

I have not found any service offer that even comes close to T212 in Switzerland.
If you use other services like neon’s mastercard to top up your account, there are no fees given your account currency is CHF.

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