Deposit Funds Query

Few questions about our depositing options, which other users might also find useful:

  1. I’ve been depositing via bank transfer from the same Current Account for over a year, but I would now like to deposit from Joint Account debit card, which matches my name.
  • How long would a bank debit card transfer normally take?
  • Is there a limit you can deposit via a bank debit card?
  • Does the amount you’re transferring from the card affect the overall transfer time (unlike bank transfer which is instant)?
  1. When I withdraw funds, will I get the option where to withdraw the funds to, OR will I only be given the option to withdraw to the bank account I’ve deposited the most funds from?

  2. Can two separate / individual T212 accounts use the same Joint Account? So, can each person deposi funds to their individual T212 accounts, where their names also match the names on the Joint Account. And same for withdrawals back to that Joint Account.



  1. Here you can see what details we might require.
  1. It depends how much you have deposited. Read more about it here.
  2. Sure, that’s fine.


Current bank account for deposit funds on trading account through bank transfer is in Barclays in London. UK is not going to be a part of EU from 1.1.2021. Is there an option to deposit funds on trading account through bank account that is registered in EU? I am asking about that option because transaction costs from bank accounts in EU to bank accounts in UK will be much higher from 1.1.2021.

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I believe some people use Transferwise. The fee is tiny and they say it will not change.

Maybe fees will not be any higher. What does your bank actually say?

I have got the answer from my bank Unicredit Slovenia that from 1.1.2021. transfer fee will be 7,5 EU instead of 0,42. So it would be nice if there is a solution to deposit funds on trading account through Barcylas account registeerd in EU.

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