Depositing money to trade

Hello, i am a new trader joined recently. I deposited some amounts via skrill to the tune of 5 USD or 4 USD tere of to try and see how its all working.

However, i now want to deposit a big amount but i want to use transferwise to deposit and withdraw.

Can i deposit a muc larger account even having deposited wit skrill in the past?

You can use multiple sources to deposit, but you will need to withdraw to the same source of the deposits.

you won’t be able to launder money that easily, if you deposit with skrill and want to withdraw to a legitimate other account, you’ll need to go through anti-money laundering process.

Usually withdrawals are executed using the same method you have used to deposit. As @kali correctly outlined in case you have used more than one method to deposit funds additional documents may be required in order to make sure that everything is legit.

@kali So sorry you misunderstood the intentions here. Its not to launder. I should have phrased te question better. I am currently using skrill. I want to remove skrill and add transferwise so that transferwise becomes my only deposit method.

How do i go about this and what documents should i give?.

I only deposited around 3 or 4 USD using skrill, so its something that i can forego in favour of the new deposit method.

If you stop at those 3 USD via skrill and keep up with some other source for the rest of journey, 99.999% of those funds will go to new source those 0.001% aka 3-4 USD would go to skrill

Regardless of your intentions our processes are designed to prevent any risks and this is why additional steps are sometimes necessary. Nevertheless I can assure that you have plenty of options to safely fund and withdraw. I will send you a DM with more details in regards to your personal case.