Deutsch Lufthansa rights issue

Then you have a date in it.

I believe it will happen on the 29th.

Please could someone confirm if I can still buy LHA shares and be eligible for the right issue?

That will depend on the cut off date for the rights, just like dividends with their ex date.

That’s what I’m trying to find. I can’t seem to find the cut off date. Can anyone please confirm?

I bought shares again on 24 sept, AFTER I got the notification, and I didn’t get any new notification telling me that anything about the newly bought shares…so…draw your own conclusions.

Anyone got the shares by now? Money is still “blocked for rights issue (LHA)”

Same situation for me. Money blocked but no shares received. Would be great at least if T212 give us a timeframe.

Has anyone received the new shares yet? Cheers.

Not yet. Still waiting.

I have received mine today.

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