Deutsch Lufthansa rights issue

When might we expect to hear something? Subscription period opened today. 1 for 1 offering. Dilution of 50% so quite a significant loss if we are unable to subscribe.


When we can subscribe rights ?

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Me too. I had 25% drop this morning so if we can’t subscribe rights, we are losing a lot!

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I’m very interested in this as well. I guess there is a complication with the € exchange rate if we’re in the UK. Fingers crossed we get access to this rights issue.

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Can someone from Trafing212 team confirm these shares are going be avaiable to buy from trading212 platform? I am awaiting for confirmation to buy it. Does it matter if I am from Poland?

Wish you Best Guys!

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@Team212 - we know this doesn’t follow the current T&C, but are you able to help support participation in this rights issue?



@Team212, can you please let us know when we can expect this?

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what do you mean it doesn’t support current T&C? Do you mean that we are in theory exposed to this kind of dilution and these type of corporate events are not supported?

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It’s covered under point 20 of the T&C you signed up to:

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Ok, best effort. But Lufthansa is not some obscure company. I expect T212 to observe and support this corporate event, even if they’ve covered their position in the T&C.

I suspect all the other digital brokers in the “free” space have a similarly worded T&C/

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@Team212, an update would be appreciated. Can you please let us know if this will be available at all?

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But how is possible to not be available ? I use also other 2 brokers and is available. Only one where is not yet is Trading212. If will not be possible to submit rights will generate a huge loss.

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Hey, everyone. :wave:

We’ll shortly send a notificaiton to all eligible shareholders, with regards to the rights issue. Here’s what the message will contain, in brief :

  • Subscription period & price;
  • The capital required to subscribe to the offer;
  • Deadline for participation;

Feel free to ping me or anyone else from the @team212 if there are any further questions.


Great news. How are you handling the €/£ exchange rate? Cheers Matt

What now? “The order has been executed” makes me think the buy order. But I still have the same amount of shares…

Also, on my phone it says I can buy shares at amount X, but on the web it says a different amount. What gives?..

EDIT: I just got off the support chat.

  • once agreed (see below), T212 will make the purchase for us on the specified date. EDIT: looks like that was a misinformation from the chat support. They actual share offering will be later sometime in October. They said they don’t know yet.
  • the price diff I had looks like a bug, or, typo as the support person called it, but we clarified which price is the correct one, thankfully the lower of the 2 :slight_smile:

And I just wanna note that I got again a competent person in the support chat. Feels so nice!


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Do we know when is the specified date? It says automatically but no funds has been taken and still have the same amount of shares.

Can you show us your notification?

It is the Same than yours