TUI Share Rights offering

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Will the TUI share rights offering be offered the the TUI shares held on the LSE or just those held in € on the German exchange? I’ve had an email about the offering on the German exchange but not LSE. Thanks.

Hey @CirensOC :wave:

This particular rights issue is only for the TUI AG listed on Xetra.

Oh dear. That’s a shame as the UK stock has dropped 15% today as well. Will this rights offer not be offered to the LSE stocks???

Hi all, I would like to hear more about this too, hold tui AG lse, and wondering if we will be issued the rights to to buy at €2.15 and when chart will reflect this rights issue, many thanks :blush:.

@B.E i don’t think that is correct. I have a friend who holds via Hargreaves Landsdown and they have contacted him and confirmed dates etc for rights issue. Please can you check and confirm participation for 212 customers?

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I’ve also read on message boards that the offering is being made for people with shares held on LSE. I can’t believe this wouldn’t be the case.

Just been on the chat with them, and should find out today, personnel I can’t see any reason why we wouldn’t be offered this and the chart should reflect the change after this.

I think the chart already reflects this! Lol

Check the investor relations website of the company and you’ll find all the details.

Hey, everyone :wave:

Please, allow me to elaborate:

  • The offer that we sent out on Friday, was indeed only for the Xetra listing.
  • As of this moment, we’re still awaiting further information from our intermediary on how they plan to handle the event on the LSE.

I’ll get back to you a little later throughout the day with an update regarding the matter.


Thanks @B.E the window runs for a little while yet so look forward to the update

I can’t for the life of me understand why the rights issue won’t be issued for LSE share holders. Its a dual listed stock. All share holders have the same rights as the XETRA

Afternoon, community!

I’m glad to inform you that ultimately we will be able to administer the event. :hammer_and_pick:

We’ll be sending out participation offers for TUI’s rights issue on the LSE to everyone eligible in the upcoming days.


@B.E That is great. Thanks for confirming

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That is great news! Thank you for the update

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