Dividend amount per share decimal points

I have an ETF (ticker EXSH).

In the app it says it paid 0.07€ for 78 shares with a total amount of 5.07€, which did not add up.

I looked it up and it actually paid 0.065€, which adds up to 5.07€.

The decimal points in the amount per share are 2 so it can be misleading, specially if the amount of shares are high.

The Amount per Share tab allows only up to 2 decimal points and therefore, the amount of 0.065004 has been rounded up visually to 0.07. The dividend per share of EXSH is exactly 0.065004 and this is the value taken from the system for calculating the Total Amount.

Could T212 add all the decimal points of “Dividend per share” in the CSV export file? And the “Gross dividend per share”? (For tax reporting reasons.)