ISF Dividend wrong value

I have just received my dividend from ISF, however rather than receiving 3.45p per share I received 0.03p per share.

This is the second dividend I have received that was 10x smaller than it should have been (the other was Hammerson) and both of them trade in GBX.

@Team212 please can you look into this an resolve the underlying issue


Maybe after short amount of time you will receive the rest of dividend.

In my case I received today dividend from BEP in two portions. One at 5:12 and second at 5:19 PM.

Same problem here!

I just received my dividend a few minutes ago and the total amount was 13p - it should have been at least £13/14 minimum based on my calculations :nerd_face::confused:

I have also received the wrong amount

I was just about to come on here and create a new post.

I thought I’d made a mistake at first but checking all the data its 100% wrong.

I got Got 0.03p per share instead of 3.45p per share. Haha its 2 decimal places wrong. For 246 shares my quarterly dividend was 8p. It should be around £8.46.

Dividend above from Ishares website.

@Team212 could you please advise, thanks.

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8p for 246 shares would be extremely depressing!

378 shares here netting me 13p - I’ll be sure not to spend it all at once! :roll_eyes::rofl:

I’m still laughing at the fact its two decimal places to right :rofl: not even off by a little bit. Why couldn’t it be the other way round at £3.45 per share.

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£3.45 per share would be :exploding_head: - a nice dividend of £1,304 :partying_face:

Hey, it’s better to laugh than it is to cry after all - I’m sure it’s just a mistake that will be resolved soon… :eyes:

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Today I received my dividend from the ISF ETF, however instead of getting 3p per share as published I received 0.03p per share so 100x less! Has anyone else had this issue and any idea who can help resolve this?


Hey, you can take comfort in knowing this hasn’t just happened to you! I was shocked to see a dividend of only 13p earlier, I have 378 shares after all, so was expecting MUCH more.

Check out this other post where the rest of us are: ISF Dividend wrong value :+1:


Same me hopefully they will sort it, also very late in payment

Same problem here :raised_hand:. For a moment I thought FTSE100 started paying 0.01% dividend yield :joy:

We’ve just topped up the rest of the amount :v: We apologize for the inconvenience.