Dividend not in “Dividend Income”

I got paid a dividend by Microsoft and have the re-invest feature on. I can understand that the dividend wouldn’t have allowed to be reinvested yet as it can’t be divided by the number of companies. However, it does not appear in the “Dividend Income” box.

it’s not being paid out yet…

The dividend is payable Sept. 10, 2020, to shareholders of record on Aug. 20, 2020. The ex-dividend date will be Aug. 19, 2020

The “The ex-dividend date” is the date you get paid your dividend.

You can read more here. https://news.microsoft.com/2020/06/17/microsoft-announces-quarterly-dividend-13/

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Sorry mate I don’t think you understand.

The ex-dividend date is the cutoff you need to be invested in hence it being the first date. The dividend is paid to anyone holding the stock on the day after the ex-dividend and was paid to myself on the 11th of September so I have been paid.

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Probable reason, your MSFT position was not in Pie before ex dividend date, thus it was paid in general account free funds.


I had the same thing and this is the reason. Someone else had this issue within a day or so of pies coming out.

Sorry dude my bad. Been reading so much up on dividends lately lol. Too much rose last night

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Okay, no worries. Thanks for the replies!

I have “O” realty in my pie so guess I will see what happens as this was in before the ex date. Could this be affected by rebalancing? MSFT was in my pie always I just rebalance sometimes.

Lets see what happens to your next dividends, if it’s still the issue still occurs drop them an email they should be able to sort it out!

MSFT ex dividend day was August 19th, Pie was beta in that phase. So not sure if everyone had pie back then.

You might had it in pie “all the time” but you might had pies from later period then 19th August.

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I was apart of the beta for pies, I have just checked my history for when I ordered the stock and it was after the ex dividend in the pie so that’s the reason it didn’t show. Thanks for your help.

Quick update. I got my “O” realty dividend and it is in the pie now. False alarm guys thanks for your help!

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