Dividends were not reinvested


On 20.08.2020 I received several dividends from different fixed-income ETFs (VUCP for example) in one of my Pie. Although the Auto reinvest was ON, the dividends were not reinvested into my Pie. Any reason why?



I had the same issue.
It’s been suggested to me that ex div day needs to be crossed in your pie.
No idea if this is true yet. It will take me a month to test the theory.

I think I’m right in saying the dividend/pie cash needs to exceed the minimum investment amount for a pie to trigger reinvestment. Otherwise, for example, you’d potentially end up having to try to divvy up someone’s 3p Diageo dividend 50 ways.

That’s correct, @topher! The received amount should reach your pie’s threshold to be reinvested, and until it does the received dividends will remain as pie cash. :slight_smile: :moneybag: :pie:

Ok I understand the minimum investment amount. However my dividends were not put in my Pie cash but in my regular account cash…weird. Let’s see how it goes next time! Thanks for your answers :slight_smile:

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Then you probably moved them into a pie and the ex div date was before that moment.