Dividend statement - foreign tax paid

All feedback regarding the matter was taken into account, and we’re excited to share that we can now issue a dividend statement. It’ll be provided as an attachment to the Consolidated Tax Statement, and it’ll include a list with all paid dividends during the respective tax year - all you need to do is reach our team.

On a side note - in case of incorrect dividend adjustment (when the correction took place in your Transaction statement) will not be reflected in the Dividend attachment. Nonetheless, you can contact our customer care team for further assistance as we have a workaround for such scenarios (we’re working on fixing this too).


That’s just perfect. Thank you very much for the new attachment!

The last column in the right “Total Dividend in Account Currency” is the net or the gross total dividend in account currency? (In any case, it could be mentioned that.)

The “Quantity” is the number of shares?

A suggestion that is most relevant to a Dividends Report, having a column with the Country where the tax is withhold.


It represents the received dividend amount after deducting the tax.

The number of shares qualified for the dividend payment.

Nice suggestion, noted.


I agree with you, the country is really important. I am in the process of completing my tax declaration and I have been using filters and pivot tables to try to organise the information as required in the IRS form. One of the fields is the country of the stock
It would be great to have this info in the report.

In several countries, the national tax authorities want to know where we paid the dividends’ taxes (where the taxes were withhold).

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Great news. In my country we also need to provide the country where tax was paid and financial year = calendar year (1.1. - 31. 12)

Would be possible to send it to e-mail every year automatically?

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Does anyone UK based have a spreadsheet that they use for keeping track of dividends received, that they don’t mind sharing an image of?

Also, when completing a UK Self Assessment tax return, do you attach a pdf of this spreadsheet? Thanks.

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There is no need to attach a spreadsheet. However you will have to report totals separately for each source country. E.g. UK, US, Ireland (for ETFs)


Thank you Richard, btw I found the spreadsheet examples you’ve posted on this forum for tracking investments really useful - do you have a similar one for keeping track of dividends? It’s so much easier seeing an example than to start from scratch. Cheers.

Whats wrong with exporting your dividend history, or using Google finance to pull in the yield to forecast future estimate revenue?

I have exported my dividend history, I would just find it more useful to then have that data in a spreadsheet organised to help with reporting, including having totals for each country etc.

My method of tracking US dividends is to use a Yahoo portfolio view that has columns for ticker, shares owned, ex-div date, payment date and dividend per share. Every couple of months I copy and value-paste these into a Google spreadsheet so I can know what dividends are coming up. I add a column for the xe rate on the payment day. Then mark them when received. But for completing self assessment I use the reports that I get from brokers after the end of tax year to check these records are correct.

UK dividends and ETF dividends I note manually by checking my broker transaction histories. For me these are many fewer in number.

A bit of extra work is needed once each year to look up the ETF excess reportable income tax on the websites of Vanguard and iShares.


Thanks very much Richard, I’ll look into setting up a Yahoo portfolio.

As example, here’s first 3 lines of how I have a portfolio view set up, sorted to show most distant payment dates. Yahoo is only fully up to date for about two months ahead. So I revisit this periodically. I can use my mouse to select, copy and paste this data into a Google sheet.

BTW Yahoo is always one day early on payment date. So I use this, with +1 occurring in first argument, to lookup exchange rate

=VLOOKUP(I676+1,'Div amounts'!H$800:J$1000,3,FALSE)

from a table constructed from

=GOOGLEFINANCE("USDGBP", "price", "01/01/2019","31/12/2021)

Sheet looks like this:


Thanks so much Richard, that’s really useful. I appreciate you sharing all of that.

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I think the reason is that EPD is not a typical corporation where dividends are taxed when divys are paid. EPD is a MLP (Master Limited Partnership) and dividedns are not taxed at the source.

Hello there!

Is there a way to get the documents that proove that the amount withheld by Trading212 when we receive each dividend?

I need it for tax purposes.

If I could get the same documents for each holding I have that would be a plus.

Thank you very much in advance!

Hey @wdavis

I will DM you straight away to discuss this further :v: