Where are my dividends?

Hey so apple payed. 77 dollar dividend but i kust got. 65 where are the. 12 dollar?

depending on where you live. the dividend tax will have already been applied before you receive the money.

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There was a 15% US withholding tax of 0.77 x 0.15 = 0.1155 = 0.12 removed and sent to the US Treasury. The US is allowed to do this under the terms of its tax treaties with other countries.


Check Dividend statement - foreign tax paid

That’s why we must get a propper dividend report with gross amount minus tax witheld.
T212 - when will we get this?


we sure do need this. +1 @pingme


Upcoming dividends in March 2020 detailed here:


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so today I have got an other dividend from Switzerland and the tax from 35% was also removed. So Trading 212 will directly pay the tax to Switzerland? So i do not have to do that?

that’s essentially how it works.

T212 are holding the shares on our behalf so they can sort out these deductions before paying the remainder of the dividend into our accounts. If there is a form that will allow you to reduce the dividend or other taxes its a good idea to try to find and fill them out so you aren’t paying more than necessary.

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