Withholding Tax


I received dividends from US company. However neither record of dividend in the app nor monthly statement displays the fact that witholding tax was paid. Doing simple math, it is clear that expected amount of 15% was indeed paid.

Is there any way to display witholding tax? If we throw US MLP and European stocks into the mix, it will be very difficult to see how much is being paid where.

Thank you

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This is a very good improvement area. At the moment they only show the total dividend paid so far. Not the most friendly for any tax statements.


we haven’t received any update since May. See this below


At the moment i feel this is a big big question. Many European countries have treaties to avoid double taxation with US. However due to lack of any given evidence that withholding tax was indeed deducted, there is real possibility that taxes will be charged twice.


@George Hi, I have just received this for a competitor. A PDF summarizing all needed to complete your income statement. Is there anything like this in process and what is the CPS? :slight_smile:

I think withholding tax from US is 30% ?

the base rate is 15%, pushed to 30% for foreign investors, and then reduced back according to the taxation treaties between countries.