Dividend statement - foreign tax paid

@Team212 Any updates on this feature’s progress?


Bump up.

Any updates on the gross dividend / taxes paid in dividends? Date we all hate is getting close.


Could it be this? We have to wait and see.

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Oh that looks very nice. I hope it includes gross dividends as well

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Today I have got the following amount as dividend or return of capital:
On 01.10.2020 British American Tobacco plc ADR(BTI) distributed a return of capital of $0.1 per share.
On the 19.11.2020. I have also got the following dividend:
On 01.10.2020 British American Tobacco plc ADR(BTI) distributed an ordinary dividend of $0.59 per share.
On the BTI page there is a dividend in the amount of 0.69USD with Ex date 01 Oct 2020 and Payment date 17 Nov 2020.

I suppose that $0.59 per share is a net amount of $0.69 dividend and the withholding tax of 15% has been deducted.
I do not know what is $0.1 per share? Maybe you have paid me back withholding tax of 15%.

Can anyone from the T212 team explain what those amounts are?

Also I have got a similar question about dividends that I have got from DHT Holdings.

On the 30th November I got a dividend from DHT Holdings in gross amount 0,2USD per share.

On the 7th September I got a dividend in the amount of 0,41USD per share instead of 0,48USD per share from the same company DHT Holdings.

It is a Bermuda based company and it is under the Britain tax laws. Can you explain why I have got less dividend on the 7th September?

When will you provide dividend reports with the declared gross amount of dividend and amount of withholding tax if it was deducted?

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BTI shouldn’t be taxed at all.

UK doesn’t Withold tax.

I got RoC 0.21$ today. On top 0.48$ (taxed 30%)back on 19th Nov. Total 0.69$

You probably were taxed 15% on Nov19 payout. Today they just refunded till 0.69$.

Regarding DHT it is possible that T212 automatically deducted more, thus you need to be persistent with support. Took me 3 tickets and several PMs. :wink:


I would like that someone in T212 would be so kind that explain to me why if i’m suposed to get 70% of the dividend paid by EPD i’m getting the complete 100% and what are the tax implications of this fact. Thanks.

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Others know better, but I think EPD is a MLP. What you have received is classed as return of capital, not a dividend and so does not have US withholding tax. @Vedran knows about this I believe.

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MLPs are interesting topic.

Frankly haven’t found any EU source to confirm what/how should be taxed.

But from Canadian PoV, MLP are heavily taxed.

But for Canadian investors, the tax treatment is quite different. Canadian investors in an MLP with U.S. assets are generally considered to be engaged in a business in the United States. The result is that the MLP will withhold 39.6 per cent tax on any distributions paid to non-resident, non-U.S. citizens


US & Canada have tax treaty btw.

So I am still confused on how in reality EU investors should be taxed against US MLPs. On top there is K1 filling which is US taxation, currently also no implications to EU investor, but who knows if you decide to visit US one day.

With that said, I have found few gaps in T212 taxation in past, so I wouldn’t rule out that this 0% taxation is a gap as well.


Then EPD has already withhold the 39% in their distribution? That’s what’s really bugging me, because is a lot legally safer to be taxed in excess than owing money to the us government.

I am afraid nothing is taken from EPD RoC when paid at T212. You basically get 100%, of the official payout.

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My accountant has asked me about stating dividend witholding tax, dividend reports must contain this information, otherwise I will have to pay double taxes. This is very inportant.


Welcome to the club. I hope they implement that in the report feature they are about to launch. Otherwise we will have to use an alternative broker.


I have had the same questions about taxations of dividends from MLP especially from EPD. I have not got any answer from T212 team. As far as I know in EU we are obliged to report taxes from didvedends onlly to authorities in our country of residence. If there is no withholding tax than wholle amount of tax is paid in country of residence. If wittholding tax have been deducted than we have to paid the difference in our country. If that is not correct than pleas someone to correct me.

EPD was paid in full, I don’t know how it is in Slovenia, but in Cro, we have to pay local tax on untaxed dividends.

On Revolut I had similar experience, RoC from MLP was paid in full even though statements from Revolut claimed 30% WTH.

Anyway simplest way to verify, go to EPD official dividend page and compare dividend info with payout.

In Slovenia we have to paid 27.5% tax on dividends if there was no withholding tax. If withholding tax have been deducted tax authorities here recognise 15% so we have to pay the difference 12.5%. Also Slovenia has agreements with USA and other coutries about avodiding double taxation. So in case of regular USA companies there is a wittholding tax of 15% and in Slo we have to paid 12.5%. In case of MLP as far as I know we have got 100% of dividend or as they called it return of capital. So as I understand it we have to pay 27.5% of tax only here in Slovenia.

But I would like also to here explanation on that issue from T212 team.

from what I was aware, return of capital is treated as capital gains, not a dividend so the taxation rule would change. this explains to me why people would receive 100% of the amount even if revolut claimed it was applied.

As far as I know taxation policy in Slovenia return of capital from shares or dividends from shares are taxed at the same way. There is no distinction or there is not mentioned expression return of capital, there is onlly taxation on dividends from stocks.

fair enough, the distinction would occur at source so normally the company that is issuing a RoC wouldn’t withhold ‘dividend tax’ because it’s not paid as a dividend. I usually refer to source as I don’t know the taxation rules for individual countries besides the UK to be able to comment on them.

This is the case for us in :portugal: Portugal. We need to identify the tax number and tax residence from all parties involved.
We also have to declare capital gains (difference between purchase and sale prices)