Dividends and dist vs acc


I am new tot he investing on trading 212 and I have done some research but I just want to make sure about 2 things. I wanted to invest in Vanguard S&P500 and I found multiple versions of the index and some of them has (Acc) and some has (Dist). Can someone explain differences between them?

Also I wanted to ask about dividends about vanguard index. Do they pay it to the account or they reinvest it? Or do they even pay dividends for vanguard on 212?

Thanks for response.

Hey Spoony welcome to investing.

Here’s a real quick tip for you, you’re going to have to do a lot of Googling in investing. Be it terms you don’t understand, finding earnings dates, visiting investor relations etc etc.

Your question above is a good practice thing to Google, there are thousands of great articles explaining the difference between these two. Investopedia will be your new Wikipedia.

Once you Google the above question, you’ll have the answer to this. It’s a two birds one stone kind of thing.

All the best.

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@SpOOny Welcome to our community.

A good start on ETFs could be the JustETF site, besides information on individual ETFs, they have an “Academy” section:

There you will find the following:

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A couple of suggestions, but you need to understand your goals and from that you can then pick the best instruments to invest in.

Given you are a new long term investor, I would suggest you look at a global equity ETF with low fees. VWRP or HMWO are good ones if you are a UK investor.

If you are looking to but individual shares - then perhaps try the practice account, to see how good your stock pick selection is. You might be brilliant, lucky, average the market, or underperform an equity index.

The main piece of advice I would give you, is that in general time in market trumps all.

All the best with your investing1