Do ETFs pay dividends?

How can I see whether a specific equity ETF, like a Vanguard S&P500 ETF, pays dividends or not?
Unlike with normal stocks, that information is not provided when selecting the instrument.
And any further info on the topic, like if we can choose to receive these in share rebuys or not, and whether they are usually quarterly or monthly.


PS. Im a bit lost with the dividends in general. Cant find where Im meant to see my current dividends from my portfolio?

I was paid a dividend from the Vanguard S&P 500 ETF recently, 20p a share or something like that, if that helps.

Yeah it does answer the question whether they pay atleast. Thanks!

If the site admins could somehow add the dividend information to the ETF profiles, like they do with shares, it would make a lot of sense. Same with bonds (%interest)


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@CaptainDangernoodle You can find all your dividends in history page, there is section “dividends”

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Thanks so much. Never noticed that!

With ETFs what I generally do is go on the fund providers website. So for example, I would go on Vanguards website, find the ETF I am interested in and all the relevant information will be there.