Dividends : May 2020

As per usual - upcoming Dividends due to pay May 2020

See here:



Dear Finki,

Thanks a lot for your list.

Have to add that some companies are suspending their dividend last-minute, like ING Groep N.V.:

"On 30 March 2020, ING provided an update on dividends in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

ING announced that it would follow the recommendations made by the European Central Bank to European banks on 27 March 2020 regarding dividend distributions. ING is well-capitalised, above regulatory requirements, but in line with the ECB’s recommendations, it will suspend any payment of dividends on its ordinary shares until at least 1 October 2020."


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FinKi has a API function call to establish if a dividend has been cut, cancelled or suspended.

… but I forgot to overlay on this data… d’oh! I’ll update it sometime today

Updated to reflect as many dividend changes,cancellations, cuts, or suspensions currently announced that affect May dividends…




Are you thinking of adding Dividend Yield in that table ?

Maybe also another table with companies with upcoming ex-date Dividends so when someone is looking for what to buy can check if she/he just missed ex-dividend date and won’t get anything soon etc.

I kinda wasn’t as Yield in this current environment is subject to wild fluctuations daily and dividend cancellation… best if you key a FinKi API key and pull it into your spreadsheet yourself.

Upcoming Ex? Yeah, I was. I may do. But, again, get a key and you can DIY


June dividend Data now available…


@Finki, is the “EX” column the date in which you need to be an investor to qualify for the dividend?

Also, what was your “blog” URL?


No blog. Just Finki.io/finkiAPI.html

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I dont see many stocks that pay dividends on that list like Realty and Pembina who pay monthly and have not cancelled

Agreed. Table was produced before, for example, Realty declared the June dividend.
I made that table early May based on confirmed data at the time.
Realty declared the June dividend officially on 12th May - after I’d made this static table.
It’s only a guide. It’s not live.

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Updated table coming today… hopefully with some nice “search” functionality too

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Updated June Dividend Data now with “search” function



No blog. Just Finki.io/finkiAPI.html

Hi @Finki, is this blog not yours?

If its not, then someone is advertising your FinkiApi for you :smiley: which is surprising.

Nope, that’s not mine @EquityInvestor
That’s just a happy user (@Seanyc5) who decided to included it in his video.

Thanks for the vote of confidence! :upside_down_face:

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Hey, the blog is mine!

I have been happy with Finki, enough to recommend it!

Im still waiting on the payment form Mr Finki though hehe :wink:

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Okay :slightly_smiling_face:
I found it surprising because I imagine that it is not a very well known thing (Finki API) at least not at this stage :smiley:, as I guess that it is quite a new thing that you have developed.

I guess @Seanyc5 is a happy user :smiley:

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