Dividends : April 2020

Dividends getting cut all of the place so this list is subject to change, but for now… here’s your April dividend payers.

Links to Simply Wall St for further research. Link to the FinKi basic search function so you can see what broker platforms already have the share available for trading.

Enjoy (as much as you can) :grinning:



Hi, this is great!
Will you be creating this for May also?

Quite a few of my ETF dividend payment date is today…do dividends tend to come through on the payment date ? Not received yet…


Under FCA rules platforms have into about 10 days to receive, reconcile and pay to you.

Most pay same day or day+1

I’ve had a few ‘delayed’ across every platform lately. Could just be the environment we’re now in!

Either way keep an eagle eye to see how fast T212 are paying

Of course
Head in over to hello@finki.io to get an API key and you could make it yourself in g sheets or excel



Cheers Finki :slight_smile:

dividend payments so far have come at around 3 business days after the recorded payment date. this is pretty consistent across those of us who have mentioned collecting them over T212 so far.

Most common questions here are, when dividend will land, it has not done yet. When will verification pass, when will withdrawal land on account.

Everything is right now. That is a very bad start for investing careers, which is all about patience and timeframe…

Chill people, money will land on you account.

I think your post on earlier on the 'I’ve lost my life savings ’ was fair. Not sure this response was called for.

Just a heads up as I have shares in Barclays.

Barclays have announced they will not be paying shares for 2020 due to Covid19 - might be worth checking your investments to see if any other companies are following this!

There is quiet a few topics asking when dividend will land :wink: thus I apologise if the response seems unfair. But hey sometimes searching existing topics can land you an answer;)

Enhanced FinKi Dividend functions added today

You can call ‘dividendLast’ and ‘dividendNext’ to see the last and next dividend the stock will pay (if known )


https://finki.io/callAPI.php?isin=GG00BBHX2H91&function=dividendLast&key={Get your key at hello@finki.io}

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