Dividends reset each year in pie

Hi team,

Could you please consider making an update on the dividends on each pie where each year it resets to 0 and having another button where we can see all the dividends since pie creation.

Thank you for doing it.

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@Martin @George @Team212

I think most individuals would want to know their collective dividend amount and not have it reset each year as that would be pretty pointless when most companies pay 3 or 4 dividends a year.

Just use a separate website to look at previous years dividend payments and leave the app to show the collective amount achieved by your investment.

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Well it depends on each individual but I would like to have the opportunity to see each year dividends in my pie and not cumulative one. I believe the team could sort it out.

Maybe a toggle between this month, this year and total. If you want to do it yourself it’s a really simple spreadsheet

I don’t have issue using excel mate. I think it’s good to have this info in the pie directly instead of having to workout each time by myself.