Do EU countries have insight in residents t212 account?

Do EU countries have insight in residents’ t212 account?

Or do you provide them with tax statements?

And do you offer your clients yearly tax statement?

I am asking this bcs if my country have access I wont need to do own my taxes.
They will do it automatically.

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I think you have to do your taxes manually still and you can request a yearly tax statement (its just not currently an automatic option)

My country sends tax payment slip automatically if they have access.

We don’t automatically share tax information with any EU authority (unless you count details of ISA holders). If asked however we will pass across any such details as we are allowed under GDPR. If you’re looking to hide money from your tax authority we’re not the broker for you.


Can I ask my 2020 tax statement at any time in 2021?

I think you would be able to. just make sure to email the right T212 address and then you can coordinate with a team member.

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