T212 transaction data for tax return

Hi All,

Would anyone be able to explain how to work out how much profit was made during the tax year so as to know how much tax to pay?

I’ve downloaded the exportable spreadsheet but I’m not quite sure what to do with it to be honest!?

Appreciate any help given.


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If you are a UK taxpayer, start by reading the FAQ below. To work out your taxable capital gains or losses you need to deduct from the proceeds of each sale the appropriate cost. The information you need is in the spreadsheet but you will need to do some work.

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You can reach us out at the end of the tax year and we’ll send you a statement that includes all essential information about your investments throughout the year.


It would be cool if you sent this out to every customer automatically.


Hi Bogi.H,

Could you send me this info for tax year 2020 to 2021?

Looking at the spreadsheet, how do filter to see your profits for a given time period? If this can be done, are the profits shown including all fees paid?

How is everyone else using the spreadsheet to calculate their gains and thus tax owed?


Hey @gsxr1paul,

I just sent an email your way along with the requested document. :mailbox:

All of the information you need can be found there. Nevertheless, feel free to DM me or anyone else from the @Team212 , if you have any additional questions.

Hi B.E.,

Thanks for that, makes things alot easier!

Is this something that T212 account holders will be able to view on their account? Or will we only have access to it by request?

If possible, could you advise how the profit / losses etc that are on the certificate can be worked out via the downloadable spreadsheet?

Many thanks for your support.

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There is some useful details on this thread to help you out.

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