Do I have to pay capital taxes

do I have to pay any capital gain tax? or is there a certain amount that I can make before paying it?

this question depends heavily in which country you live, your countries tax laws and the account you are using.

for example if you qualified for the ISA account with T212, then there are no taxes at all, at most there will be a small fee for purchasing certain stocks, uk stocks for example charge stamp duty.

In the UK I believe there are multiple caps to take note of for example dividends are tax free for the first £2000 each year.

In the UK capital gains is tax free up to £12000, but covers a variety of actions that fall into this category. then the rate changes depending on the source of the capital gains and what level of income tax you pay.



Thanks for this information mate, I thought this was right but I didn’t want to make a mistake in the future.:+1: