Are any UK taxes applied to T212 accounts hold by non-UK investors?

Just wondering, having a T212 account based in the UK but being myself located in another country, am I gonna pay any taxes on gains or dividends to the UK gov at some point that I then would have to deduce from what I’m paying in my home country ?
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Only UK stamp duty on purchase of UK shares. UK does not charge any withholding tax on dividends to any shareholder. I am assuming you are not UK domiciled.

It depends if the asset is a property rich company they may have to pay non resident CGT. It also depends on your status, there are also special rules for tax for non residents on investment and savings income.

@Richard.W No I’m not. I’m leaving right on the other side of the Channel. Thanks for the info: exactly what I was trying to find out. I think that I’ve heard somewhere that if you were to buy on the US markets, you’d pay a tax to the US gov (on dividends I think) that you would then have to deduce for your local tax return (or something like around those lines). So I was trying to figure out if it was the same for the UK (all my ETFs are LSE in $). It’s not so that’s good news :partying_face:

@Eden Thanks for your reply. Assets are ETFs. What do you mean by status ? Any idea where I can find the special rules you’re mentioning ? Thx

Probably best to ask the tax man. You can look up non resident tax / cgt on income. It probably doesn’t apply to any level of dividends you receive but I’m not a financial expert. Similar with property investment, one you’ll need to look and see if it applies to you.

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