Does Trading 212 plan to introduce a LISA? Is there a timeline?

I was thinking of setting up a LISA with HL, but think trading 212 would likely offer a much better option.

Is there a time frame for introducing this?


It’s in our To-do list, yet we’ll be able to share a more accurate ETA by the end of Q3 2020.


Great! Looking forward to it!

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any update on this?

Request you to provide an update on this.
I am looking for the LISA, SIPP & JISA.
Desperately waiting for these!!!

We’re looking at SIPP as we speak. However, it will take longer than expected. I’ll share more details as soon as I have such, yet we cannot commit with a relevant ETA, I’m afraid.


Thank you @Tony.V for your quick response.
Please update us once there are some tentative timelines.

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@Tony.V any update on LISA? I’ve got a year left and then I won’t be eligible so will be cool if it happens before then

Registered on the forum just for this. Would be really good if this was offered