LISA recommendations

Hi All, so I want to start a LISA for next financial year. I was hoping T212 would have it by now but they don’t and I can’t wait any longer because of age restrictions.

Does anyone here have a LISA and if so which provider would you recommend?

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.

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There’s not a lot in it. AJB may be cheaper but I’d go with HL because I prefer its platform. You can set up a direct debit to invest in say Fidelity Index World for an all-in cost of 0.57% which is pretty good.


I’ve got AJ bell and they charge a flat £1.50 for regular investments that are purchased each month.

It’s a good platform if you want to buy BABA in your portfolio in your LISA as you can switch to HK listings if in case the US delists them.

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You might be better asking on an independent forum like MoneySavingExpert to reach some wider views.

Personally, I would start with answering what you intend to use the LiSA for, and that would help determine what you would hold in your LiSA, and then pick a provider that has those products at a reasonable price.


I use HL. Build up holdings in T212 and Freetrade, then Bed and ISA over to my HL LISA.

Can use regular investment to reduce fees if it’s UK stocks. If not, then it’s £11.95 or whatever it is but a necessary evil I suppose - as it’s a buy and hold I can live with it.


Dodl by AJ Bell is beta testing right now and has a waitlist.

Launching with LISA, 0.15% platform fee. @topher @TheNimbleNomad would be interested in your thoughts on this given you already use the fully fledged AJ Bell LISA…

More info here for OP: too lazy to type


I may be interested but it depends on the range of available funds, ETFs or investment trusts. I use HL currently. The fees are capped at £45 for exchange-listed securities and I only make one £11.95 trade a year. I may just leave it there until T212 or FT launches one that’s much cheaper.

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1 trade a year is good going… what security is it?. I top up my Nutmeg LISA monthly so HL and even AJ Bell YouInvest isn’t feasible for me atm with their commissions. Hence why I can’t wait for Dodl, tired of waiting for Freetrade and think T212 are focussing on SIPP before LISA.

Got the list off their Instagram:

  1. Vanguard FTSE 100 index unit trust
  2. HSBC FTSE 250 index fund
  3. HSBC FTSE All World index fund
  4. iShares US index fund
  5. Vanguard Europe (ex-U.K.) index fund
  6. Fidelity Japan index fund
  7. Vanguard Pacific ex-Japan index fund
  8. iShares Emerging Markets index fund
  9. iShares GiltTrack index fund
  10. iShares Corporate Bond index fund
  11. iShares Global High Yield Corporate Bond ETF
  12. Vanguard Global Corporate Bond index fund
  13. HSBC Global Government Bond index fund
  14. iShares Automation & Robotics ETF
  15. L&G Global Technology index trust
  16. L&G Global Health & Pharma index trust
  17. L&G Global Infrastructure index fund
  18. L&G Global Real Estate dividend index fund
  19. Amundi MSCI U.K. Socially Responsible Investment index fund
  20. iShares MSCI World Responsible Investment ETF
  21. Vanguard LifeStrategy 40% Shares fund
  22. Vanguard LifeStrategy 60% Shares fund
  23. Vanguard LifeStrategy 80% Shares fund
  24. 7 AJ Bell multi-asset funds

VWRL. Using Dodl and say the HSBC all-world fund is probably your best bet. You using your Lisa as a extra pension or to buy a first home?

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Big fan of VWRL, it’s my benchmark. Ideally once Dodl launch overseas stocks (they’re starting with 50 U.K. stocks and funds above) I’ll be adding Tesla. But to begin with will go for an All World find, probs Vanguard 80% Shares.

Bit of both, may use it for deposit but think longer term ambition of being a LISA millionaire appeals more. Would be a nice tax free pot when I’m 60. Decades to go till then.

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How many years could that take - do you plan being the first?

30+ years. Admittedly LISA millionaire status a bit ambitious (would have to beat the market consistently or strike luck once or twice with stock picks) but half a million is possible.

Starting with £5k (4000 + 1000 Gov Bonus) from Late 20s to 50 years old maxing out LISA every year yields around £250k on following assumptions:

Then 10 years from 50 to 60 years old, with inability to make further contributions yields £500k:

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DODL is live for testing.

£12 minimum annual fee or 0.15% plus whatever fund costs.

This is by invitation only I take it?

Yeah you have to be on the waitlist, linked a few posts up.

I like this pricing structure. Would like there to be a cap on it but that nowhere near being a problem atm for my portfolio size

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