Double currency conversion for invest account

I live in the EU, my bank is in the EU and I deposit funds into my account as EUR
Yet, 99% of my transactions are on the US market.

I just found out that every time I was buying a US share, I also pay conversion fees from EUR to USD, and then when I sell the shares I pay again conversion fees from USD to EUR, then I buy another US share, so I pay another conversion fee, and so on…!!! Today I made +$86 net on a transaction but only +€10 were added to my available funds… the rest? gone as fees!!

Why I can’t keep my balance in USD? and only when I want to withdraw money or deposit money, you can charge me the conversion fee, but not with every buy/sell transaction!

This is how it looked like today (before I eventually sold QCOM)

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Well I am in same box, but as I knew I would invest 90% in USD, I created USD account, used Revolut to convert to USD and wire free of charge.

It is the risk of currency rate, you can always close your EU account and created USD.

T212 promised multicurrency account but not until end of year…

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Sounds like a good solution, I’ll look into it. I can use TransferWise for that. Thanks a lot.

I doubt that was the case. Is this in CFD account or Invest account? In CFD there is 0.5% charged on currency exchange of the result. But in Invest it is only 0.015% not enough to reduce $86 to €10. The difference is more likely due to a change in USD/EUR rate. The USD depreciated quite a bit against EUR today.

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That’s an Invest account
For me, that’s all fees, either for T212 or exchange fees between USD & EUR
You’re right that could be more related to the exchange rates. still, I don’t want to keep converting the funds to EUR after each transaction since i’m mainly investing in US shares

Open another t212 account in USD (it’s not possible to change it after).

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I just did, thanks
Now I have to liquidate all my positions, withdraw the money as EUR and then send it back to my new USD account :frowning:

Maybe T212 can help me transfer the funds between the accounts, not sure.