Account Currency Choice

Hello guys!

I’ve been investing with t212 for a while now, using Revolut for currency exchange and investing in USD (although I have some EUR/GBP investments as well). I was wondering what are your thoughts if I should keep my account in USD and just pay the Revolut 0.5% exchange fee or close my account and open it again in EUR to avoid the 0.5% fee and only have the FX volatility with EUR to USD conversion with my investments.

I forgot to mention, but until now the Revolut free exchange limit of 5000$ was enough but not anymore since they limited it to 1000$/month. So I can’t avoid this fee entirely.

Hi Robert,
An instrument will always perform the same regardless of the currency. You won’t make more money buying a stock in EUR or USD. Relative performance will differ (% on your chart) but that’s it. In absolute value (money) it won’t make any difference.
So really there’s no point in doing what you’re doing. You are losing money paying exchange fees. Just send your local currency to T212 and buy whatever you want with it in any currency you want (you won’t pay any exchange fees ).


Yeah I guess I’ll have to close my account and re-open it in EUR

Just mail them and see if they can change the base currency.
So if my account is euro and I buy usd stocks, do T212 not charge any feels at all?


They can’t change your account currency. This is a known fact. You have to close it and open it again with the desired currency.

I pay for Revolut to have free unlimited FX. I have my T212 investment in USD and ISA is in GBP. Long term I’m bearish on GBP/USD. Each time GBP goes above 1.3 I’m Diversifying my self out of GBP.

Unless you think the GBP will get stronger over the long term I would have some of your wealth diversified in USD. Also depends on what type of Equities and ETF you’re looking to purchase.

Just my opinion

@rizworld the thing is I’m not dealing with GBP vs USD, for me it’s EUR vs USD. And since I already have my money in euro I don’t think it makes sense for me to deal with an extra fee every month when it can be avoided. But I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this.


They are working on Multi-Currency accounts and it is the most requested feature of all time since last year, patroned by @Vedran at Multicurrency account GBP/EUR/USD etc.

I don’t think its far away! :wink:


I did stumble on that while searching for information as well, but there’s no information as to when is it coming, so I’d rather not throw money on fees until it gets implemented