Doubt with Bank Transfer

Hi Team,

My bank has a limitation on what to put within the bank transfer.

I can only put:

It is lacking input info ACCOUNT NUMBER and SORT CODE. Is it also missing “Reference code” input info, it only appears “Sent Note”. Could Sent Note be okay as Reference code?

If lacks ACCOUNT NUMBER and SORT CODE will the transfer be valid?

Thank you

My bank also lacks the ‘account number’ and ‘sort code’ fields, don’t worry about it. Just fill the fields your bank allows. In theory, they only need the IBAN :slight_smile:

The reference code is important, as this is how T212 knows to deposit the money into your account. In my bank, the field is called ‘originator’s reference’, different banks call it differently. On Revolut for instance, they also call it ‘note’. Put your reference code there. I believe this should work for you just fine.

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That’s correct - any information about the account will be useful. Therefore, adding your account ID in the “Notes” section also will be helpful.

On a side note - if you deposit through a joint bank account, you will need to provide us with a bank statement.


I’ve recently opened up a T212 account and bank transferred £100 to my account but didn’t give the correct reference number for the transfer. Do I need to take any further steps to make sure the money reaches my account or is it not that important? Thanks!

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What can I do if I didn’t put in the right reference number when trying to add funds to my account?