Revolut SWIFT transfer

Hello !
I recently opened an USD T212 account and i want to deposit funds using bank transfer from Revolut.
Problem is that when i set up the T212 account in Revolut if i choose USD, the account number (74 1176 99) and sort code (20-19-90) are disabled. However i noticed that when changing it to GBP they are enabled.
Has anyone had the same issue ? How should i transfer my USD from Revolut into my T212 USD account without going through GBP and posting any ccy exchange taxes ?
Also when doing the transfer where should the reference code be inserted ?

Thanks and regards,

I see that now Revolut only offers 1 free SWIFT transfer, and sending anything except GBP/EUR to T212 will be treated as a SWIFT transfer as the currency is not local to UK, and will cost 3-5 EUR per transfer depending on your country of residence.

I think topping up with the debit card with Revolut will be a better option? :grinning: