Easiest way to find newly added stocks on a daily basis...

Hi guys is there anyway to find out which stocks, especially new penny stocks have been added each day please. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


@Team212 This must be one of the frequently asked features? If possible can you update the portal if not please can you share the newly added tickers in the google excel sheet?

What google sheet? Thanks

one way i do is use the webapp and filter otc and then the price…usually the new added ones will show up as N/A (thats before market opens)


@isistyle this looks promising, could you just explain how I access this menu and which categories to select.

just login as usual, go to search and then on the upper right (kinda) you will see a filter icon, click on that the menu i just screenshot will pop up


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Nice trick i like it :ok_hand:

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