Penny stocks OTCs

Good Evening Ladies and Gents,

Is there a location on this form (pinned subject) where it lists all the new Stocks that will be realised with dates?? If not can we get a pinned location/page with ticker symbols and dates for them to be added to T212.

Iv had a search a around but cant find anything other then requested stocks to be added.

One for the Admins of this page.

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There’s not a location people just post new ones to be added. It you type OTC into search bar in trading screen it brings them all up

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thanks for the responses i appricate them all.

Do we not need a centralised location for all OCTs with launch date??
wouldnt this be something that would benifit the whole community?

I think it’s ad hoc on the day as they are so busy, they add them when they have time.

can u explain the filter and search upper right side in more detail please

as above for other user use the beta link

then click on the seach icon magnifying glass on the left of the scree

then click on the little square box on the right with the lines in it (filter button)

then select filter price (0.10p) and OCT Market as per pictire.

then click on the X to close the filter

this should filter out all the new OTC’S on the market as per comment above

thanks for all the advice ladies and gents :smiley: