New stocks alert

Hi guys. I would like to have one question. Is anywhere the list new added stocks? I mean regularly updated list or some alert message which stock has been added? Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Usually an IPO thread is created (almost) every day, so that the IPOs on that day are added.

You can search for “New IPOs going live today" and just sort by date. :wink:

Thank you. I have one more question. Does Trading212 some overview about all stocks which are currently listed there? I would like to have a overview about the companies when it been listed , what’s the price of share, etc. Maybe use some API for connection to Trading212. Thanks

Hmm I think you have to contact the T212 team directly for more info on this…

You can see at:

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Thank you! It helps :slight_smile:

My daily posts in website form :smile:

One thing wrong with it that I can see, is that it only lists those that have been requested, several of which tend to be rejected for various reasons, eg. Bombardier on Monday.

If whoever created it is reading though, nice layout. One suggestion: add a screen that compiles all previously-added tickers into a list on another page, one that constantly grows with each days new additions and details date added and perhaps a search field for it…?