Edit comments on social t212 app

Hi, would be nice if we can edit our comments in the trading 212 app.


Thanks for the suggestion - I will forward it to our development team, but can’t promise that it will come to fruition. While it would be helpful to be able to correct mistakes or update posts, editing also introduces complexities, especially in maintaining the integrity and reliability of the content.

We would need to be careful with how it is implemented to prevent misuse or abuse, such as editing posts to spread misinformation or alter the course of discussions.

Regardless of all that, I also think it’s going to be a plus for the Social feature. I will keep you posted :mailbox_with_mail:

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It took Twitter 16 years to deliver that. Hope T212 can implement it faster. :smiley:

I think the founders were very much against it. Apparently, Elon did not hold the same views. :smiley: