Enhance Ticker search

Hello Team,

Could it be possible to enhance the current search mechanism? In current it is rather hard to find stocks with two letter ticker ie: FL

From 6 top results, only 2 show FL as part of ticker.

For instance Yahoo Finance:

For same search Foot Locker is top result based on exact ticker match…


agreed. I would even add that the ticker correspondent company to be displayed first. Example:


this should output Realty Income as first suggestion.


Any feedback on the suggestion?

I would also like to see ticker symbol matches appear at the top of the instrument search results.

I normally search by ticker symbol and the stock I am looking can sometimes be off the page.



Exactly, but I guess timelines are tight for major release plus big influx of new members, so team is busy…

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This has been bugging me for ages, but it’s a minor inconvenience.

Yeah it’s mostly just a convince thing. In some cases however such as “L’Oréal” it would fix some alleviate some issue’s