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A small but annoying issue which I often have. On the app, search for a stock using its ticker (I used GL), do you get the company with the ticker GL in the first 5 results? I scrolled so far down through every company with “GL” in the name that I stopped and googled it… searched by name instead and there it is.

I know I could just google it anyway but seems bizarre that we can’t search by ticker more effectively.


Yeah that is a common issue with two letter tickers. Would be good for it to test for an exact match and put that first of the results.

If you try searching for keywords like “search” or “ticker” the second result is this thread which exactly on the same subject that you posted. If you combine “search” + “ticker” (which is basically your post) you will find it as a first result. I think you can bump that already created thread and hopefully will get the attention of the team.

As a healthy recommendation is better to search for already created threads on the subjects that you are about to post, not to double similar requests. In case the search option is hard to find there is a direct link here.

Try to use parentheses , e.g. (GL).

It will only include tickers when you start with a parenthesis (only exception is the instrument names that include parentheses, e.g. ETFs indicating distribution status).

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That’s a good shout.

Great shout. I’ve had this a few times and it’s really annoying!

Sorry if this has already been resolved, but I found that a comma works for this issue
No comma

With comma


Adding comma still doesnt help with 1 character tickers really.

Parentheses doesn’t work on Android.


Interestingly for that example the ticker doesn’t even appear so the only way to find it is by its full name


But here is a clear cut “O” Realty Inc.

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*only tested on web browser :smile:

Is there a way of filtering the search for companies with the cheapest to the largest stock value?
On the app, aware it’s possible on the laptop