Estimated cost when buying a share. How is this calculated? Stamp duty + something else?

Here’s me buying one share. Just trying to figure out the cost.

My account is in Euro.

Stamp duty is 20.04 €cent or £pence?

And why is the estimated cost 8cent / pence higher than the stamp duty?

This is Pacific Horizon, share price currently at p740.24.


Here’s another one. Scottish mortgage share price is 1,172 pence.

The estimated cost is 110.31 pence. Is it costing me £1.10 to buy one share?


@pipo Hi. In the first example, the estimated cost is EUR 8.12 with a stamp duty of EUR 0.04.

2nd screenshot estimated cost is EUR 10.31 with a stamp duty of EUR 0.05.

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Ok thanks, was just confused with the number ~2 beside the 8.12 in this screenshot. I still don’t know what it means. What is it?


I think that 2 is to indicate compounding, as in you x2 your money. You can read more about it here.

@pipo Fixed, that shouldn’t have been there.

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That would be awesome.

I’ll have to write some algo to sell and re-buy 500 times per year. I’ll sell it to Warren Buffet and his mate Charlie Munger.

If you paid attention in college you’d remember Euler’s number e is the limit of (1 + 1/n)n as n approaches infinity. You can compound more frequently for more and more addition to your starting value but it will eventually max out and increasing the number of compounding periods makes no difference. Please throw your degree in the bin.