ETF annual fees?

Hi guys,

Sorry if thats a noob question, I am basically pretty much a noob:

So I have checked, many etf funds eg. like the wisdomtree etfs have annual fees (~4%p.a.). How and when is that fee charged/deducted if I buy/bought shares via trading212 “investing” throughout a year?

Many thanks!

As far as I know, we don’t see these expenses as they are handled by the company. So I guess the value of the ETF is reduced by the percentage of the expenses. They come out of the price of the ETF and there are no separate charges to your account.

The price of the ETF fee comes directly out of the stock price everyday as the stock price is recalculated.
You never have to pay a fee, as by buying the stock you pay it everyday as the stock price is adjusted.

It’s worth knowing it’s there though, but be aware there is no fee to pay externally. is a great resource for narrowing down on the fees and comparing which ETF is best suited to your needs. :v: