EU Banks exiting UK

Hello Team, I’d like to open a new account with T212 and I’m asking for help.
Actually, my current EU bank is going to close my UK account because of the bank have no physical presence in UK and it is forced to exit its UK business. I’m wondering if T212 is in the same conditions.

Please could you help me?


Welcome to the community!

Please clarify:

  • Are you a resident of the UK or an EU country, or outside both?
  • Do you want to open an account in Euros or GBP (or USD)?

Hey, @c4fan - welcome to the Community :tada:

Our services are currently available in both the UK and Europe, and we have a separate entity for each region as well as a physical presence. Our UK entity is regulated by the FCA, while the EU one is regulated by the CySEC. You can find more information about the UK entity on the Companies House’s website.

With that in mind, rest assured that there is no need to worry as we plan to continue offering our services and keep expanding to new regions :raised_hands:

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