EU passporting rights

Could anyone who knows the subject better than I do help me understand how T212 is able to provide share dealing services to European customers? I was under the impression that the Brexit agreement did not include a part on financial services and that this would therefore prevent UK firms from passporting their UK licence to serve European customers.

Again I am no expert and am genuinely interested and curious on how T212 has managed all of this.

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This might help.

Theres a couple other threads on this as well.

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Yes I’ve read this and accepted the pop-up message when required but I was interested in knowing how the passporting of a UK trading licence in Europe works today and how this could evolve in the future

It’s still difficult to know these kind of matters, specially related to finances, a very sensible sector.
I know that FCA is still meeting with European counterparts and both are mainly speaking the same language.

For example, the SEPA, is still allowed in UK, despite it’s an initiative of the European Union and for bank transfers denominated in EUR.

(UK and UE and still cooperating as before in many areas, but not visible to the public, but they must publicly announce some differences, to show their political strength. Their non-political entities are working almost as the same before.)